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Welcome to Knack Consulting Services Pvt Ltd (KCS), a distinguished Human Resource Solutions organization headquartered in New Delhi, India. At KCS, we go beyond conventional approaches of resume supply and placement. Our focus lies in the art of identifying the perfect talent for the right positions. Through meticulous research and understanding, we create a harmonious blend of technical prowess and cultural compatibility.

In an era of escalating competition, rapid technological advancements, and informed consumers, your business demands the most exceptional minds capable of generating fresh ideas to propel your success.

For years, KCS has been successfully assisting companies worldwide in securing top talent for senior, middle, and bottom-line roles. Our commitment to excellence has earned us enduring partnerships, establishing us as a trusted ally to numerous global organizations. What began as a sincere vision to empower companies with exceptional talent has transformed into a robust enterprise, credited with revolutionizing businesses across diverse industry verticals.

At KCS, we take pride in our relentless pursuit of talent that transcends boundaries, facilitating your business to soar to new heights. Join hands with us to unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth and establish a lasting impact on your industry.

Our Values

At Knack Consulting Services Pvt Ltd (KCS), our core values of excellence, integrity, and collaboration drive everything we do. We strive for exceptional quality, maintain high ethical standards, and foster a collaborative environment to deliver outstanding talent solutions and HR consulting services.



Striving for excellence should be a core value of our organization. This entails delivering exceptional quality in all aspects of our work, whether it’s in providing talent solutions, HR consulting, or client service. By maintaining a focus on excellence, we always demonstrate a commitment to delivering the best outcomes and exceeding client expectations.



Integrity is the foundation of trust and credibility. Upholding high ethical standards, being transparent, and conducting business with honesty and integrity are essential values to maintain. This includes treating clients, candidates, and stakeholders with respect, maintaining confidentiality, and consistently acting in an ethical manner.



Collaboration fosters synergy and drives innovation. Encouraging teamwork, open communication, and a supportive work environment can lead to better outcomes for your clients and foster a positive organizational culture. Emphasize the value of collaboration both internally among your team members and externally with clients, candidates, and partners.

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